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We can now offer a special price on some remaining cabins.
The special price can now be found on a selected number of cabins: 200, 201,203, 208, 212, 304, 308, 352, and 517. 

Normal price:
45900,- NOK Pr person  

35900,- NOK Pr person:

If you need advice on this offer please email us at or and you will get more information. 

Cabins 200, 201, 203, 208, 212, 304, 308,352 and 517 are sold as double cabins. Total 71 000,- NOK.

Cabin 512, 514 and 515 are sold as single cabin but are really a double cabin. Normally it would cost 82620 NOK to use a double cabin for a single person but we can offer this at a very special price NOK 59 700,-. It will be a spacious cabin for a single person.

Please note that the exchange rate is now very attractive for USD, GBP and EURO as we sell in Norwegian kroner (NOK). You will get a lot for your money!

As you understand this is a limited offer and subject to availability.