Travel Norway while turning and learning

How to book? A quick guide

If you need a guideline on how to book or run into trouble, this document might be helpful. HOW TO BOOK - A GUIDE - see pictures below or download.
We have tried to explain it in a step by step instruction, which hopefully will help.

We know that some have had problems when trying to make the payment and here is a tip: (illustrated in the instructions above)
-  when the payment window opens where you fill in your credit card details, it is set as default to Norway - change it to your country first of all!
    use the drop-down menu list to choose your country, not possible to just type it in.
(Pictures are not in the same order as on the downloaded version)

- Check and correct country code for telephone number, use drop down menu to find it.  USA +1, UK +44 as an example. Fill in your phone number without any spaces between the numbers.

After booking - PLEASE check your spam filter if you dont get an order confirmation! 

Remember that the payment is charged in Norwegian kroner and will be converted to your currency by your card issuer at todays rate.