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Course - Woodcarving course no 2

Rolf Taraldset will teach you the basics in traditionell Norwegian style woodcarving. He will use Pfeil tools which is one of the best carving tools in the market, so you can create beautiful curves and lines in wood. 
Rolf is a very good instructor and he has been teaching woodcarving for years.

The course is free but you will have to buy the blanks from Rolf.

Days: 23.06.2023 (Day 5) - 24.06.2023 (Day 6)

When: 09:00 - 12:00

Price: 0.00 NOK

Last registration date: 01.06.2023

Info: You can sign to this Course while you are booking!

This Course is taught by Rolf Taraldset

  • Rolf Taraldset

    Rolf Taraldset is a Norwegian Master carver in Woodcarving.